hello inveterate readers of this blog (well over 6,000 of you have popped in at one time or another, by the by),

just wanted to pop in myself with a few pieces of news. the first is that our guest house is now up and running and available on airbnb. i’d promised photos, and you can see them on the listing. also-if you know anyone who’d like to stay in an historic 1890s sonoran row house in the heart of barrio libre, send them our way! we’re loving being able to share a portion of the house with guests. few things could be more gratifying than having people walking around the rooms going “wow” every two seconds.  :-)

there still more photos of the house (commissioned by our architects and take over the summer) available on local photographer gerardine varga’s site. trust me: they rock!

finally: we were beyond pleased and humbled that the house renovation not only won an award for historic preservation from the pima county historical commission, but also won a governor’s heritage honor award from the arizona preservation foundation and the arizona state historic preservation office. the awards recognized the many people who worked so hard to help us bring the old place back, and were well deserved by all!