well, we’re still waiting for the *&$#@# loan paperwork to be done so we can officially start (i TOLD the woman down at the bank that saying the documents would “certainly be finished” by last week would jinx us!) closing is now tentatively scheduled for this week. keep your fingers crossed, please.

in the meantime, as we’ve been waiting for things to finalize, the unusually rainy december and january we’ve had here in tucson (seattle, anyone?) have done a number on one of the walls off the zaguan. when we were initially looking at the place, our realtor took to jokingly calling it “falling walls.” what she didn’t realize is she wasn’t just being funny–she was being prescient.

here’s a picture of the wall last spring (as you can see, it was already degraded at the top).

Photo Apr 30, 4 32 06 PM


and here it is now, after the rains had their way with it (despite our best efforts at shoring up the roof above, water continued to work its way in, and it continued to degrade).




after i texted our contractor the last two images he said, “crap. guess we’ll have to make more adobes.”

yup. more adobes indeed.