the news today: the restoration plans just passed (like an hour ago) the county historical board review. yay! which means we are done with historic reviews. in addition, we also got comments back from the city on the permitting end of the project (i.e. whether or not the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and structural aspects will meet code) and they are apparently quite minor. and finally: talked to the bank today and we have pre-approval on our construction loan, and should be moving towards the appraisal very soon, which will allow us to finalize the financing. i also have the final bid from the contractor, and he tells me that once the permits and loan are ready to go, he’s ready to start.

in short, we are very close to being locked and loaded! which means we should be good to actually begin work shortly after the 1st of the year. (speaking of which: keep your peepers peeled for an announcement of a little opening ceremony we are planning for that day. )

all in all, it’s hard to imagine better news for my birthday.