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little house of horrors. um, i mean mud.

i was going to do the promised blog post on more of the house’s history, but it occurs that this is halloween week. so i thought that instead i’d share something a bit more, well, horrible.

so. as it turns out, at least a couple of films have been made at our ‘location’ over the years. according to greg clark, the former caretaker, a troupe of dancers shot some of their footage there, while one of his friends, a local filmmaker named quinn davis, has used the house in two of his movies. in fact, when susan denis, our realtor, went over to change the padlocks on the place for us on closing day (because we were out of town), she found both greg and quinn in the yard. turned out quinn needed to re-shoot a few scenes for his latest movie (apparently once it’s done, it will screen at the loft, though greg doesn’t know what it’s called or when it might be released). susan reminded me that the blood (?) we found on the sofa in the kitchen could have been part of the set (yeah sure, susan, if you say so).

the film is reportedly a comedy-horror flick. but whatever it is, or whatever it might be titled, susan (who happens to be a terrific photographer) snapped the images below while she was there on closing day. definitely halloween-ish, i’d say.


quinn davis (on the left) and greg clark, the former caretaker.


not sure what this head was for. in fact, i’m not even sure i want to know what the head was for.


bloody scythe, anyone? (maybe we’ll eventually have to get one of our own to stick in this tree).

IMG_4355 IMG_4352




  1. Now that would have been fun to document!

  2. I know, right? Lucky Susan!

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